CNC Hypertherm Plasma Cutters

Hypertherm plasma cutters have a multitude of applications, and serve an array of industries. At Xycorp, one of our most popular CNC plasma cutters for sale is the XCS 2000 Series Hypertherm plasma cutter.

XCS 2000 Series

Not only is the XCS 2000 Series a great value when narrowing down your CNC plasma cutter for sale options, this particular series has a robust and rugged design that is built to handle steel plate that is up to 3/4”x 6’ x 10’ all while operating up to 100 amps (torch height control with plasma units). This means your employees are able to work more efficiently as well as reduce any waste caused from inaccurate cuts.

Additionally, when it comes to moving parts and industrial PC capabilities, the XCS 2000 series stays to true to its original model design. In other words, just unlike any other plasma cutter for sale, the XCS 2000 Series computer has no moving parts and is easily operated via an industrial PC. Due to this fact, the XCS 2000 Series is a breeze to set-up or install. Nevertheless, here at Xycorp, we include installation training and technical support to ensure that your employees can take full advantage of this great company investment.

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