Thermal Dynamics - Air Plasma Cutter

Whether you are a job shop, HVAC shop, ornamental iron shop, or manufacturer, you'll appreciate the rugged and robust construction of the XCS 4000. Built to handle up to 2" thick steel plate, this machine will give you many years of trouble-free production. A full featured automatic torch height control is standard for operation with plasma units up to 400 amps.

CNC Plasma Cutter

"We cut a variety of stainless steel and mild steel alloys. One click in the XCS material database instantly adjusts all the gas and torch settings. This saves a lot of time and eliminates cutting errors".

Mfg. water treatment equip.

Plasma cutter - xcs 4000Our philosophy in building this series of machines is to supply the purchaser with everything he needs short of an operator and materials. All the machines are sold with “zero backlash” roller pinion drives, brushless AC servo system, and closed-loop encoder feedback for improved positioning accuracies and repeatability. Automatic torch height control, Ohmic sensing, and 360 degree torch collision avoidance are standard on all models. With our longer "Z" axis the 4000 series machines have the capability of cutting up to 7" tubing.

Like all XCS Plasma models, it uses an industrial PC with no moving parts.

The XCS 4000 Series offers Hypertherm power supplies up to 400 amps with cutting capacities up to 2 1/2” (edge start) in mild steel plate and up to 8” steel tubing. The ability to cut stainless and aluminum more efficiently makes this series machine extremely versatile. With higher feedrates and near laser quality edges, this series of machines is a real manufacturing workhorse for a fraction of the cost of laser or waterjet.