Plasma Cutting for Metal Fabricators

Metal fabrication companies can improve their service and response times while lowering job costs with the use of a Xycorp – CNC Plasma Arc Cutting System.
For many metal fabrication businesses, Plasma Arc Cutting is the most versatile and efficient way to cut production or custom metal products. Ease of use, fast cutting speeds and high cut quality make automated plasma arc cutting a more efficient and cost-effective solution than other cutting technologies, such as water jet, oxy-fuel or even laser cutting.

Plasma cutting has changed significantly in recent years. Plasma Cutting

"We experienced a large increase in cutting speeds and accuracy. I like the automatic gas selection, large material data base, bevel cutting feature and the extended gantry for cutting large tubing and beams."

-Tom (foreman)
Steel fabrication shop


Fabrication companies that use Plasma Cutting Systems: