Our Plasma Cutter features Industrial Computers

Industrial Computer for XCS Plasma Cutter

You may already use a computerized plasma cutter in your job shop or industrial environment, but you may be asking yourself if your particular computerized plasma cutter is meeting your business needs. Only you and your customers may know the answer to that particular question. But, shouldn't you already know that your industrial computer is top-of-the-line? We think you should. That's why here at Xycorp, all of our machines utilize industrial computers for reliability and flexibility.

Our Computerized Plasma Cutters

At Xycorp, our computerized plasma cutters come standard with some of the industry's highest performing dual-core processors that are expertly designed to be used only with passive cooling. Additionally, our plasma cutters are designed with the long-term reliability in mind. This means, our computers have a solid-state hard drive, are comprised of virtual no moving parts and work perfectly with Windows 7 Embedded for extra reliability as well as computer security.

Moreover, as previously mentioned, we are more than just a place to buy state-of-the-art equipment and software. In other words, here at Xycorp, we offer excellent troubleshooting and support. Thus, if you need assistance with your current system or need assistance with operating our industrial PC controllers we are only a click or call away.

Your CNC Plasma PC Solution

Looking for an industrial computer that is easy to use and offers unbeatable compatibility as well as connectivity? Contact one of our industrial computer experts for more info and pricing.