A computer controlled plasma cutter is mainly used to cut a variety of parts and shapes out of metal plate, like steel or aluminum. This machine can also be used for cutting beams and pipes and can be applied to a wide range of industrial and commercial applications. The plasma torches on the machines that we carry here at Xycorp, Inc., are controlled by an industrial computer that runs on a dual core processor with Windows 7 embedded. Read the rest of this entry »

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Hi all.  Last time I wrote about the basics of what happens inside a standard plasma torch and how fluid dynamics is key in the cutting process.  I’d like to continue my last post by discussing high definition plasma cutting, in particular about the fluid dynamics inside the hi-def torch.

All of the major plasma power supply/torch manufacturers have what the industry terms ‘high-definition’ product lines.  Technically what separates standard plasma cutting and high definition plasma cutting are two things: constriction of the arc and more precise plasma gas flow.  This constricted arc leaves a more square edge with less dross, and enables higher cut speeds.  The kerf size with a high definition torch is quite a bit smaller also due to the smaller arc and more precise flows. Read the rest of this entry »

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When talking to someone who is not in the metal fabrication industry and I tell them I work with plasma cutting equipment, I often get the question ‘What is plasma cutting?’  That’s the wrong question to ask me – unless you have some time on your hands….

First – a definition of plasma.  From dictionary.com : “A highly ionized gas containing an approximately equal number of positive ions and electrons”.  There are actually many different types of plasma gas (see Wikipedia)- we are interested in the high temperature type as the high temperature does the cutting in our application.

I get asked sometimes about the temperature of the arc – I am told it is in the neighborhood of 10,000 deg F to 30,000 deg F.  That’s some serious heat!!

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Hi All!!

Welcome to my CNC Plasma Tech Tips blog.  My goal is to provide relevant tips to help with your CNC Plasma cutting.  I’m excited about this as I really enjoy having discussions (both broad and specific) with people interested in the same technical things I’m interested in.

Please leave your comments here on this blog.  We all have different perspectives on the topics here and I’d love to exchange ideas regarding them.

I guess since this is my first post I should formally introduce myself.  I’m Greg Good and I am an engineer — somehow I get the picture of me standing in front of a group of people saying this and the group responds ‘Hi Greg’ :-).  I have been involved in this industry for about 15 years and it continually intrigues and excites me.  Easily amused I suppose….

One more thing – if any of you have a question, topic suggestion, or comment please let me know!  This blog is designed to be a two-way street.


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